About Us

PrideCouples has been born out of a need for our community to be able to safely reach out and find who or what they are looking for when it isn’t the nightlife that calls out anymore.

Bars and clubs are not the place to meet your soul mate these days and unfulfilling one night stands are uncomfortable memories of a long abandoned lifestyle.

Welcome to our site. Here at Pridecouples we want to offer that very alternative. We give you a very safe and welcoming virtual space to specifically find who or what you’re looking for. From that special someone you want in your life to simply finding likeminded friends to share social events with. After all, not everything in life is about sexual co habiting. Sometimes friendship is more important.

People also have many other interests in common and maybe want to share them with others. Here at Pridecouples you can find each other or even advertise your group! We actively encourage healthy, creativity and lifestyles! Don’t forget it’s exactly why we came about!

Also another thing we are about to become involved in is co-parenting. Our community is changing quickly. So quickly in fact that we sometimes can’t keep up with each other. Things we thought impossible only a few years ago are now not even possible, but a wonderful fact of life. The most wonderful things in life are coming our way and we are now parents too! This is a gift we want to help people turn into a reality for themselves safely and properly in a nurturing and positive environment. We will be working with health professionals of the highest calibre and introducing perspective couples to the correct sources to fulfil these dreams and ensure the safety of the family they want to bring into the world!

Having said all that, please believe us when we say this is not a mail order baby service! We do not under any circumstance do this lightly and it is not done by payment from a client basis. This is part of our Ethical Policy and we take it very seriously!

But that’s just one service. For the rest of you, happy searching and good luck. There are many options on this site and we are here to help. But again we would like to remind you. We are not a cheap one night stand organisation. We are here to help people achieve a high standard of lifestyle changes and nothing less! Welcome to Pridcouples.com