Ethical Policy

The most important part of our policy is your safety and privacy. We of course store your information for the purposes of finding your match. If our search engine sis not do this, we would not be able to match anyone or any subject. However we do not sell your information on to any other agency and we will not use your information in any other way unless you give us explicit permission. We will however work in accordance with legal requirements and any fraud or illegal behaviours will be reported. Everything we do here is for your safety and privacy. We do not expect you to walk blindly into a situation without taking precautions and we strongly advise that you take nothing for granted. But please be aware that we can take not responsibility for your actions. We mention it in this policy because you’re reading it and this tells us you are a responsible adult, which is also part of the criteria for membership.

We will never interfere or adjust your membership. It is your specific details that place you where you want to be in the mainframe so make sure you are being honest about yourself and what you are looking for. We cannot be held accountable for your dream date not being found if you’re not putting your dream details out there!

Finally, we will always protect this site from outside influence to the best of our abilities. We are firewall protected the same as our sister site and our ethical policies are the same. All of this is about you and how you want to live and share. We will always be available to you and open to suggestions and ideas. Be well, be happy, be loved. But most of all, be safe!