Community Guidelines

These are very simple for everyone on the site. We expect every member to treat each other with respect and consideration. Think about what you are doing on and why you are here. You are sharing your private information in the hope of meeting your perfect match, or new friends. To do this you need openness, honesty and safety. We will not tolerate any form of bullying or cruel treatment of another member. It will be dealt with swiftly and permanently. If you are removed from this site for such behaviour, you will not be allowed to re-join! Also you should consider that this kind of behaviour is now considered illegal and we would refer you back to our Ethical Policy. Apart from this think about how you would feel and the fact that this is the reason we have lost people due to the cruelty of others. Apart from this we will simply not tolerate it!

We ask that you also respect the privacy of others too. Especially if you have arranged to meet someone and you both decide it hasn’t been a successful meet. That’s life and we’ve all been there. That’s because you’re mature adults and capable of moving on. So do it discreetly and continue with your search. It’s why you joined the site, remember?

On a personal level, please don’t post your favourite photo of you from 2002! It’s wasting the time of other members and you’re self-deluded behaviour will ‘always’ end in disappointment. Also, if members complain about this kind of behaviour, you will be asked to leave the site.

That about covers it, you’re not children. Treat each other with respect and think about how you want to be treated. This is a formula for success in whatever your goals are. It is also the way you are going to get the best from our services.

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