Safety Tips

We moderate all profiles and photos, keep your personal details private and safe, and allow you to send and receive messages without having to divulge your true identity. But safe dating requires some work from you too.

1. Choose a username that doesn't give you away!

Change your username for you if it's too close to your real name. Overtly sexual, provocative or controversial usernames could attract the wrong kind of attention.

2. Be a little mysterious...

Don't give up all your personal details in the first few mails. Reveal your first name, but not your last name; tell a potential match about the industry in which you work, but don't part with the company name.

Don't give out Twitter handles or friend potential matches on Facebook too soon and if you decide to move the conversation to email, consider creating an email address that doesn't reveal your full name.

3. Take control

One of the best things about online dating is that you get to dictate the pace at which you move. Don't feel pressurised into chatting on the phone, meeting, or even revealing personal details like your full name, phone number, email address or place of work. Just because someone gives you theirs, doesn't mean you have to part with yours.

4. Trust your gut

The cardinal rule of online (and offline) dating is really quite simple – trust your instincts. If something seems wrong or you suddenly feel uncomfortable or threatened, remove yourself from the situation. Fight or flight has served us well for thousands of years!

5. Help with Travel

They can’t wait to be with you. IT’s love, they’ve never felt like this before! It’s just that they haven’t got the money right now to travel to you! Well that’s a shame but love will endure. Let them save up for a while and you can keep chatting! Because sadly, it’s very likely that once you’ve sent that cash, they’ll disappear! Or maybe that sick relative is the reason they just lost their job! Well forgive me but life is tough sometimes and we all need to deal with it. We don’t deal with it by asking strangers to send us cash. Particularly through a dating site! Think about it, really?

First Dates: the do's and don'ts

It’s all terribly exciting! What will they be like. Will they be the one. Will this be the most romantic night of your life? Well let’s hope so, it’s why you’re here. But let’s not turn into a jabbering wreck shall we!

1. An audience is good

It may be tempting to invite them to your place for that speciality home cooked dish. Or back to theirs for an intimate night together. But what do you know about them? Only what you have shared on our site. First dates should be in a public place. There are plenty of fabulous bars and restaurants out there and serial killers tend to stay away from them!

2. Sometimes less is more

Your first date doesn’t have to be a marathon. It can be just a coffee date or lunch. If you feel that little buzz then make another date and take it from there.

3. Phone a friend

Make sure at least one person knows where you're going, who you're meeting, and how long you expect to spend with them.

Get a friend or family member to give you a "rescue call" timed for mid-date. You can use the call as an excuse to cut the date short if things go badly.

4. Be your own boss

Make sure you are independently mobile. Be it taxi or your own vehicle. Do not rely on your date to take you home. That’s crazy and dangerous. Not only are you getting in a car with a stranger, you’re giving them directions to your door!

5. Keep calm

Just because you’re face to face soesn’t mean you now give them all your details in one go and everything about yourself! Youir blood group is between you and your GP. Remember they can google you. It’s scary how little detail someone needs to track you!

6. Don't leave home without your mobile phone!!!

7. Keep a beady eye on your stuff

Don't leave your drink unattended, and keep your personal belongings with you at all times - even when you go to the bathroom.

8. There’s no place like home

If you’re meeting in a location far away from home. Then under no circumstances should you allow anyone else to book your accommodation! Always be in control of your surroundings and know exactly what the arrangements are. IF it’s some kind of weekend break. Make sure you are familiar with the organisation or hotel group. Let people know where you are going and who you are meeting. AND NEVER DO THIS ON A FIRST DATE!!!

9. It's OK to be cautious

Never feel foolish for doing any of the above. Dating should be fun. Of course it should. But please tell me you watch the news or you read a newspaper. How many “That would never happen to me’s” have you seen or read about who thought it perfectly safe to wander off with a stranger. These are adults we’re talking about.

So please follow these guidelines and have a great time!